Interactive White Board

  • Infrared / Optical technology
  • Multi-touch function allowing from 2 upto 64 users at the same time
  • Interact with either a finger or a pen or a stylus.
  • High touch resolution and accuracy
  • Erasable and antiglare surface.
  • Plug and Play.


Streamline your classroom with a fully-integrated interactive white board by Onfinity Technologies. With Infrared multi-touch interactivity, you can work together or independently at the board with fingers or a pen or a stylus. It recognizes up to 64 users at the same time ( Can vary from model to model ). It has antiglare surface which is scratch resistant and comes in three different screen sizes. It is USB powered and you can annotate & save on your PC. It is also possible to Import and Export IWB format files to share with users of other brands of IWBs.



Onfinity Technologies 

Model Number :  Interactive Board IWB C82IR

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