Our ‘Sustainable Earth’ commitment

When we talk of enriching people’s lives with innovative technology and equipping it with the most suitable products, we are also aiming at providing them sustainable solutions which can help in resolving environmental issues. We consider environmental management activities to be extremely vital for sustainable living and hence we contribute to the prevention and solution of various environmental problems. We analyze mass balance in the company’s business operations and use it to develop measures to reduce its impact on the environment. The continuous improvements in our products solutions establish a sustainable lifestyle base by utilizing limited resources effectively and taking measures to prevent damage to the global environment in order to live in harmony with the earth. We provide support in elucidating casual factors and in formulating countermeasures for various environmental problems in order to realize a sustainable society in harmonious coexistence with the earth.

Onfinity Technologies waste Collection programme

We comply with the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2017. As part of Extended Producers’ Responsibility, we have set up a collection mechanism to channelize and dispose e-waste.

Brief on General Scheme of Collection

We have partnered with SHIVALIK SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT LIMITED, Recycler registered with Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board for the environmentally safe and sound management and disposal of all of our e-waste. 

1. It is part of our agreement that OM LOGISTICS LIMITED collects e-waste from the collection centres and carry them to their plant in environmentally safe and sound manner and dispose the e-waste properly.
2. SHIVALIK SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT LIMITED have all the authorization related to e-waste dismantling and disposing from UPSPCB/CPCB and having all connects related to air/water/hazardous waste. Their capacity is 1000 MT/A.

Also we have partnered with Logistics Company OM LOGISTICS LIMITED for door to door collection of e-waste.

As per our agreement, environmentally safe and sound transportation and handling of all our e-waste collected from door to door service will be done by Logistics and Product Service and Maintenance partners.

As per our agreement with OM LOGISTICS LIMITED, if any customer wants to handover their old product they can reach out to us on our Toll-Free No.+91 18002700268 and register themselves.

Once registered, request for the pick-up will transferred to our Logistics Partner/ Product Service and Maintenance Partner.
The Toll Free no. +91 18002700268 will be provided in the product brochure and on the marking stickers also.

During the collection of the e-waste, Customer will be provided with the receipt with the product description that can be used to gain the benefits of our e-waste policies/ Schemes.

Details of Collection Centre

The collection centres meant for collection of material from end user and channelizing the same through our e—waste management partner OM LOGISTICS LIMITED. We will update CPCB time to time detail of our collection centres/Services centres expansion PAN INDIA.

Flow Chart of Channelization:

Whether All States are covered?

Yes, all the states are covered by the Logistics and Product Service and Maintenance Partners.

Specific Collection Schemes:-

  • Buy Back Schemes: Submit your old end of life products at our collection centres or through door service and enjoy the amount of money you will get for selling the product back to us.
  • Exchange Policy: If you want additional discounts in our new products in spite of money for submitting your end of life products, it is also possible via Exchange policy. Amount will be same in the discount as of Buy Back scheme.

Budget Allocation:

We allocate the budget on yearly basis as per below details:

  • Awareness programs and training: Budget Provided with the Plans
  • Specific Collection Schemes: NIL (as scrap value is already added in the MRP)
  • Collection Centre/Points: NIL (these are our branch offices)
  • Channelization (including cost of reverse logistics and Product Service and Maintenance partner and toll-free service): 150,000/-
  • Recycler/Dismantlers: Rs.100,000/- (which includes channelization cost)
  • RoHS testing. Nil (As the product we get are provided by manufacturer fulfilling RoHS compliance)